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A global perspective…

As part of an exchange program at Vermont Law, I am spending my 3L year studying law in French at l’Université de Cergy-Pontoise.  Although adapting to the French method of learning has been challenging, I have also found it to be an excellent learning experience.  Specifically, I believe that the time I have spent here over the last couple of months has given me some practice in explaining the U.S. position on issues such as climate change to those who view us from afar.

One of my most rewarding classes this semester is “Droit de l’environnement,” or Environmental Law.  The small class size has facilitated interesting discussions on the relationship between Europe and the U.S. regarding climate change, the political influence on environmental protection and the strategy involved in international treaty negotiations.

My French colleagues are eagerly waiting to learn what actions the U.S. will take during COP15 and will be following our blog.  I am hopeful, as I am sure they are, that the U.S. will show leadership and commitment in an effort to resolve this global problem.

I feel grateful for the opportunity to attend COP15 and to build on my educational and professional experience regarding climate change.  In addition to the possibility of witnessing international negotiations in practice, I am equally excited that I am able to continue my collaboration with Vermont Law School on such a pressing topic while I am studying in France.

Soyez les bienvenus, mes collègues de Cergy !  Vous allez me manquer pendant mes deux semaines à Copenhague.  J’espère que notre blog vous intéresse…


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