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Goodbye COP15, Hello Klimaforum ’09

So much for the transparency of the negotiations and the participation of civil society.  The Bella Center, where COP15 has been taking place, is being shut down to NGOs in limited numbers.  The center itself holds 15,000.  Through a 3rd party I heard that on Wed. the # of NGO participants was being restricted to 7,000, then 1,000 on Thur. and finally only 90 on Fri.  90 out of around 20,000 registered.  That’s .0045%.  A strong voice that is not.  On top of that, a secondary badge system has already been instituted and the odds of getting in tomorrow are slim as well (our group of 9 received 4 badges – not bad really).

So, instead of seeing this everyday:

I’ll be attending the Klimaforum ’09 for the rest of the week and seeing stuff like this:

Here is a description of the Klimaforum – it seems more up my alley: “With ten thousand daily visitors, participants from over 100 countries and a comprehensive programme of events, Klimaforum09 will be the biggest climate event in Copenhagen besides the official UN conference.

The programme features international guest speakers, over 150 open debates, 60 exhibitions, music, film and art.

Klimaforum09 is not an NGO (non-governmental organisation) we have no special causes, interests or agendas.

We are here to represent ordinary concerned citizens from all around the world.

We DON’T represent vested interests such as bureaucratics, politicans, business or civil servants.

We DO represent scientists, grassroots activists, academics, writers, artists and people from all walks of life.

The idea behind Klimaforum09 is to create an open space, where people, movements and organisations can develop constructive solutions to the climate crisis.

Thousands of participants from all continents are expected to take part in Klimaforum09. Special efforts are being made to invite people from regions in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Oceania who will suffer most from climate change.

Klimaforum09 takes place in DGI-byen, a huge conference complex in the centre of Copenhagen just 50 metres from the central station.

Klimaforum09 opens 7 December and ends 18 December.

Klimaforum09 is organized by a broad coalition of Danish and international environmental movements and civil society organizations.

Klimaforum09 is free and open to all.”

I like open and free 🙂


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