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Author Archives: Michael Cote

Michael Cote is an environmental urban planner, specializing in coastal, climate adaptation, smart growth and sustainability planning. He assists communities with their sustainability, climate change, historic preservation, and land-use conservation plans. A rising scholar in climate adaptation for coastal cities, he has lectured at the local, regional, national, and international levels to lawyers, planners, and academics.

Mike is the George Perkins Marsh Conservation Fellow 2010-11 at Vermont Law School; Outreach Coordinator for the American Planning Association’s International Division; and an active member of many environmental and climate change organizations.

For more information about Michael’s work, visit

The Protest

Update: Click the pictures for better view. After watching protesters get pushed around by police online in front of the Bella Center, I jumped on the bike and rode 3 miles on a wet and muddy bike path and took the following shots. The main thoroughfares and highway bridges were blocked by strategically parked police […]

Al Gore et. al. Present New Report on Melting Ice

I just witnessed the unveiling of an important new report, sponsored and presented by Al Gore and Gro Harlem Brundtland (yes, that Brundtland), Greenland Ice Sheet – Melting Snow and Ice: Calls for Action. Other global heavyweights that presented were the world-renowned scientist Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, the Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller, Norwegian Foreign Minister […]

Beauty and the Beast and Tens of Thousands of Protesters

India’s Intervention – esprit de corps with Saudi Arabia

This representative stated that India, in esprit de corps with Saudi Arabia, agrees that a carbon capture and storage (CCS) program is the best option for mitigation.  

Rajendra Pachauri, “The ONE”

I couldn’t believe my eyes when the media-engulfed Rajendra Pachauri walked through the conference room door. To that point, I hadn’t read the session description beyond the title, but I knew anything IPCC related would be important. I did not realize that the session was to be an update *by* the heads of the IPCC. […]