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Sharing the COP15 Experience

Yesterday, the VLS delegation to Copenhagen reported back to the law school community about the COP15 negotiations and their experience at the climate conference.  Attached is a slide show sharing their adventures with you in pictures, enjoy!  COP15 Experience in Pictures

The Sun has Set on Copenhagen and the COP-15

Actually, the sun set here in Copenhagen several hours ago, but it seems to have also set for the COP.  A new accord appears to have been reached this evening, but it falls short of most expectations.  This morning, President Obama flew in to deliver a disappointing speech in front of the UN and then […]

Americentrism at its finest…

Millions Gather to Protest COP15

(Photo from The world’s cutest and  most vulnerable gather to protest the lack of action at COP15.  Our own Christine Ryan from Vermont Law sent this to us.  A moment of brevity is needed in these dark hours. Let’s hope these snowpeople survive.  Let’s hope we all do.

Hillary Clinton Arrives

At a press briefing today, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledged that the United Stated will contribute its “fair share” of the $100 billion dollars needed for developing countries to deal with the negative effects of climate change IF the parties can come together on an agreement by the end of the COP.  This has […]

Full Bella Center Creates New Opportunities for Interaction

The recent crackdown in NGO participation has, as you may have seen from previous posts, left several from the VLS contingent “eventless” for the past few days.  As a result, events like Bright Green, KlimaForum and the International Energy Agency’s Policy and Technology Day have become increasingly attractive not only for those of us interested […]

Powerful Statements from the Plenary

I am not one of the three in our group in the plenary today, but I have been watching the live streaming for the past 4 hours.  Various heads of states are now giving their 5-10 minutes statements.  I just listened to the Prime Minister of Mali, Modibo Sidibe and the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.  […]

Activism Around the City

Here is a visual diary of things going on around Copenhagen yesterday (12/15) outside COP15: See more pictures here:

Via Campesina & Sustainable Agriculture

  While a portion of our team was able to make it into the Bella Center for the COP yesterday, a few of us headed over to the Kilmaforum for a fantastic presentation by La Via Campesina called “Small Scale Sustainable Farmers are Cooling Down the Earth.”  This diverse panel included small-scale farmers and activists […]

Goodbye COP15, Hello Klimaforum ’09

So much for the transparency of the negotiations and the participation of civil society.  The Bella Center, where COP15 has been taking place, is being shut down to NGOs in limited numbers.  The center itself holds 15,000.  Through a 3rd party I heard that on Wed. the # of NGO participants was being restricted to […]

Half Way

With the first week of the COP 15 coming to an end, a draft proposal is finally on the table, although it leaves many of the details still “to be determined.” During negotiations this morning, Tuvalu made another impassioned plea for the world to realize that its very survival depends on a binding and […]

Renewable Energy Advocates Get Upclose Look at Middelgrunden Windfarm.

Denmark has been a leader in renewable and clean energy for over 40 years.  While some policies were perhaps misguided, like banning car use on Sundays in the 1970’s, slow but steady expansion of the country’s renewable energy portfolio has allowed the country to maintain its emission levels while boasting of continuing healthy economic expansion.  […]

Our Own Tracy Bach Presenting at COP15!

Tracy Bach, professor of law at our own Vermont Law School, is currently completing a Fulbright Scholarship in Senegal.  This afternoon she spoke at the Intergenerational Equity panel sponsored by the European Youth Forum, the Federation of Young European Greens, and the Comite Pour Les Relations Internationales de Jeunese.  Tracy focused her presentation on what […]

And the Dance Goes On

After Tuvalu’s call for a suspension of the COP yesterday, Steffen Schmidt was assigned the task of meeting informally with the parties to reach some resolution, the details of which were to be announced during the afternoon plenary.  Unfortunately, and somewhat predictably, the parties could not reach resolution in the few short hours allotted. After announcing […]

What’s the deal with Tuvalu?

As mentioned in other posts, negotiations were suspended today when the island nation of Tuvalu asked for serious and binding committments from developed nations to help stem the tide (both figuratively and literally) of damage wreaked by climate change.   A protest ensued by supporters of Tuvalu outside the plenary room with hundreds of people lining the hallway and spilling […]